Aviva and the Flying Penguins CD RELEASE PARTY! with YOESHI ROBERTS and ALI DOODLE

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Friday, December 21, 2012 - 7:00pm

"Aviva is a visionary whose music speaks directly to your soul."
by, Deb Alberto

She knew she was born to entertain when, at age 8, she won a national contest for a song she wrote, then performed in front of thousands of people. Her New York upbringing provided her with plenty of opportunity to nurture her gifts. She began playing piano at age 8 and, with the help of world renowned drummer Omar Hakim, she recorded her first demo at age 16. She toured nationally with an amateur A Capella group throughout college. Later, playing with professional jazz bands helped her to grow instrumentally, developing her skills on the, trumpet, drums and piano.

After a five-year hiatus from writing songs, Aviva moved to Atlanta where she studied massage, homeopathy, breath therapy, Chinese Medicine, primal therapy and belly dance. Her mystical journey broke off some of her ego masks, and she was inspired to write songs once again. Connecting with kindred spirits inspires her music; intimately sharing her heart and ego struggles while producing an alchemy for the soul. Aviva weaves into her songs a gentle reminder of our human-ness and all of our spirits' capacity to peaceful communication.

Her song 'Emet' is a powerful reminder that we are beautiful and connected beings, while 'Cannabis Car' is about protecting and caring for our natural environment. The inspiration for 'Cannabis Car' came while working on a farm in exchange for vegetables. Aviva learned from a farmer that Henry Ford created a car that ran on cannabis oil, and in those days, it was illegal for farmers not to grow cannabis as part of their crops. “That was not the kind you smoke,” Aviva joked, adding that she and her friends do not indulge in mind altering substances.

The life of natural highs continues to inspire Aviva’s music. She is a Qi Gong and Belly Dance instructor. She teaches and practices earthen building, and her life is devoted to her spirit's freedom. “I needed to live outside of accepted culture so I could explore what I saw and felt in my soul; The greatest potential for humanity is being human,” she said. “Being who we really are brings out our individual gifts and abilities. All too often we get distracted by money or the pursuit of fame, which does not bring happiness.".

CHANGE by Aviva and the Flying Penguins

Opening Act: 
Ali "Doodle" and Yoeshi Roberts

YOESHI ROBERTS-Yoeshi Roberts is a dynamic singer/songwriter with a message of love, happiness, positivity and humanity. The movement, Acoustic Encouragement, has joined forces and will be releasing a new album this summer called "Right Now, Right Here". Joanie Ferguson (Drums, Percussion, World Instruments, BGV's) and Kevin Vines (Bass, Vibe) have been playing with Yoeshi in Atlanta for several years and the three of them are determined to bring smiles to the community through Acoustic Encouragement.

ALI "DOODLE"-Ali Doodle is a unique ukulele player introducing a new genre to the music scene: Uke Rock! She believes this generation lacks the "Rock N Roll" soul past generations have touched, and wishes to reincarnate "Rock N Roll" by constructing music that questions social norms and various emotional forms. In a world where lyrics are put on the back burner and indefinitely left to burn; Ali Doodle forms her songs around lyrical content, resulting in music delving beyond surface situations. Ali recognizes the spiritual potential music holds and infuses her tunes with a balanced mixture of optimism and realism. "Music speaks when words can't. If your ears are open the right kind of music will open your mind. The more our minds open up, the more children we will have waking up; eager to share their creative imaginations, laughter, passions, kindness, playfulness. Waking up, ready to share, no fear existing, and no hesitance, just being. 
The power to change the world lives in you, I just want my music to stir it up." -Ali Doodle

"At the Bottom of Everything" Cover- Ali Doodle & Brandon McKinney

No Diggity - Yoeshi Roberts Intro