Booking Information

Headline Acts: Headline acts are acts that have established a good following locally and/or nationally. We expect the acts have already released a CD or 2 and will attract a substantial crowd. The band (musician) should also have a link to videos for review, and later for posting to the site for viewers to get an idea of what to expect.The Headliner act will play for 90-120 minutes, depending on the evening.  It helps if the act has a following that will also spend money on food and drink (which keeps this venue in business).

Double Billing: Double billings are two equally talented bands that will play on the same night. Instead of an Opener/Headliner combination- a Double Billing will feature two 90 minute sets, one favoring an earlier crowd, and one a later crowd. These acts will play for up to 90 minutes each.

Showcase: 3 Singer/songwriters in one evening (either in a songwriters in the round, or each performing for 45 minutes to 1 hour). These are usually solo acts (sometimes duets) and gives the artist an opportunity to get featured on a weekend where many customers come to hear good original music because the venue is known for good music, and customers can discover for themselves new talented musicians. 

Opening Act: A support act is expected to help bring in new listeners, as well as benefit from the headliner's existing audience. It also provides an opportunity for an emerging artist to get noticed. Performers play for a percentage of the door, exposure and merch sales. The opening or closing act is paid based on how much promotion and attendees they have provided for the event.

Spotlight- Some evenings we will give an artist a 30 minute spotlight. These artists have moved beyond the open mic scenarios, and will be given a 30 minute spot. This helps prepare them for an opening or showcase spotlight in a furture show.

Open Mic- 15 minutes to share 2 or 3 songs


We book about 3 months in advance.

  1. We normally accept EPKs/web-based press kits as our PRIMARY booking resource. Please send your URL or EPK to Steve Grossman or Jen Evans at with the following in the subject line: Booking - Requested Date - Bandname (ex: SUBJECT: booking - week of 4/18 - the beatles). You can add details as desired in your e-mail, but make sure that the link to pertinent info is at the top. Send to

  2. Please follow-up via e-mail (phone calls are much more of a challenge for us to handle and response time may be delayed or worse).

  3. Please be patient - but not too patient, especially if you are trying to fill out a tour. Please allow at least a week for CD/promo review, for response time to e-mails. If you do not hear back from your e-mail after about a month, the e-mail has probably been lost in heavy workflow. You can try sending another at that point.

  4. Once we have agreed on a booking date and what the door cost is, we will need the following from you:

A. Your web site

B. Photo (jpg or png)

C. Link to youtube (or other video)

D. Bio

Policy on Compensating Performers

Compensation- for headliners - basically 100% of the door (minus production costs for sound guy and door person)and minus some compensation for opening act, if there is one. There are some exceptions based on special needs. Double Billing will split the door minus the sound guy, and a Showcase will share the door 3 ways minus the sound guy. There may be some compensation for a Spotlight depending on the attendance and fan support. 


We are open most Sunday through Saturday evenings-6:30 PM till close

We are closed most Wednesdays (see website)