Copius Jones

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Saturday, December 29, 2012 - 8:00pm


With heartfelt lyrics, an incredible rhythm section, and intricate yet melodic guitars & keyboards, Copious Jones is one of those bands that defies genre & definition. The six-piece original group draws from an eclectic variety of inspirations including: rock, blues, jazz, Latin, classical, African, funk, folk, and jam, and is a fusion of energy and vibrations that they can call their own sound. With every show they play, audiences are left speechless and wanting more, and new fans are added to their ever-growing population of followers.

Copious Jones was started in January 2010 by singer/songwriter/guitarist, Mikhail Petersen, and drummer, John Cowin. The two met at The Atlanta Institute of Music where they immediately found they shared similar music tastes and views of the world around them. With more than 30 original songs written already, they began looking for like-minded musicians to create music with and help them see their vision become real.

Over the next year and half, members would come and go, and their original ideas would be put to the test on more than a few occasions, but presently John and Mikhail have put together a dream team with fellow Atlanta Institute of Music graduate, Chris “Critter” Ricker filling in on electric guitar, and three veterans on the local jazz/latin scene holding down: bass (Matt Stallard), African/Latin percussion (Ahsa Ahla), and keys/synths (Yoel Ben Yehuda).

The band quickly began gaining recognition and a steady following. They landed a slot at Virginia’s Floyd Fest in 2011, as well as headlining a series of smaller local festivals in Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Copious Jones has been found sharing the stage with the likes of: Col. Bruce Hampton, Oteil Burbridge, Count M'Butu, Zach Deputy, Grant Green Jr., Tommy Talton, Jeff Sipe, Ralph Roddenbery, Donna Hopkins, Dianne Durrett, Michael Tolcher, and many other staples on the local Georgia music scene.

Tree Sound Studios owner, Paul Diaz, was introduced to the band, and they began recording their first album in early 2011 with Grammy nominated engineer, Miguel Scott, working on the project as well as Diaz. Though it took the better part of a year, the band was finally satisfied with their mixes and arrangements and they sent them off to be mastered by Jeff Lipton (Bon Iver, Andrew Bird). Now armed with a recording done by professionals at the top of their game, Copious Jones has a fresh start on booking, radio-play, and landing gigs. The album has been in their hands only a short while, but is already enjoying steady online sales as well as physical sales at shows.

With an ever-growing fanbase, a committed behind-the-scenes team, and the desire to simply continue creating music, John, Mikhail, Critter, Matt, Ahsa, and Yoel are excited and optimistic for the year to come. The ride has been incredible thus far, and the band has left the doors open for anyone to jump on at anytime.

Copious Jones ~ 'Remember Blue' - Live