Donna Hopkins Band

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Friday, March 29, 2013 - 8:00pm


Donna Hopkins is the real deal. Born and raised on an Alabama farm, Donna witnessed hardship first hand, channeling it into the soulful music that she creates and performs. Music runs in her family; her mother performed rock and roll in go-go boots and mini-skirts and her grandfather was a fine musician in his own right. Following in their footsteps, Donna is a consummate seasoned performer with many songs and performances under her belt; her own daughter, India Hopkins, is a talented young singer/songwriter who is carrying on the family musical tradition. Georgia Music Magazine calls Donna Hopkins a "genuine triple threat" due to her prowess as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. In addition to her other talents, Donna also wears the producer's hat, working with and developing up-and-coming talent in the Atlanta area.

Donna's long-awaited third and newest release, Comin' Alive, is the culmination of four long years of hard work; the results are worth the wait with songs that are alternately uplifting and soul-stirring, and foot stomping' rockin' good fun. Recorded at the renowned Tree Sound Studios, the album manages to capture the high energy and emotion of Donna's live shows.


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Sailing to Denver


Sailing to Denver is a band, comprised of veteran musicians from the deep South who simply want to sing their favorite songs together.

To help distract us all from the bad news on T.V., they appear regularly around the Atlanta area harmonizing timeless choruses, and playing rhythmic strings that echo through the concrete maze, brightening, and bringing joy unto the road-raged.

From songs easily recognized, and universally adored, to the obscure classics that everyone feels they somehow already know, this eclectic group’s catalog contains about every known genre, but always with a hint of country and the south.

HELP KEEP THEM HERE! By enjoying their music together, maybe we can all do our part to stop them from Sailing To Denver