Food & Drink


Hummus  6

Cold roasted red pepper hummus topped with basil served with STACY's Pita Chips or veggies  

Cheese Platter  12

3 Handcrafted cheeses from CALYROAD CREAMERY served with grapes and crackers  

Bruschetta  6

Fresh house made Italian style Bruschetta served on a warm corostini with a balsamic reduction     

Chips and Salsa  5

Chef D’s own homemade salsa served with corn chips    

Black Bean and Corn Salsa  5

Colorful and flavorful salad - fresh sweet corn, tender black beans, crisp red peppers with a zesty lime dressing  

Fajita (Veggie Quesadilla)  8

Colorful Blend of cheese, bell peppers, onions and jalapeno.  Served with salsa  

Cheese Quesadilla  6

3 cheese melted to perfection on a flour tortilla.  Served with fresh salsa  


Three Cheese Flatbread  10

with mozzarella, feta and provolone cheese  

Italian Flatbread  10

Fresh roma tomato, fresh basil leaf, mozzarella and provolone cheese and drizzled with olive oil  

Mediterranean Flatbread  10

House made olive tapenade, roma tomato, shaved red onions, feta cheese, finished with olive oil and balsamic reduction  

Steve's House Salad  6

Mixed greens combined with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion and carrots with your choice of dressing   

Add Tilapia (Blackened or Grilled) - additional 4

Add Salmon - additional 6

Fish Tacos  10

Tilapia (blackened or grilled) topped with brocolli slaw, served with cilantro lime aoli and a mango salsa

Tilapia Sandwich  11

Tilapia (blackened or grilled) served on a brioche bun topped with a mango salsa and a cilantro lime house made tartar sauce.  Served with corn chips        

Chef D's Black Bean Burger  10

Thick and Hearty, perfectly spiced burger garnished with house made slaw, shaved red onions and topped with BBQ Sauce


Calypso Pie –Kahlua ice cream in a rich chocolate graham cracker crust topped with velvety fudge and almond pieces  5

Gelato – Pistachio, Vanilla Bean, or Dulce De Leche (caramel)  5

Turtle Pie –Pralines and Cream ice cream in a Graham cracker crust topped with caramel and Pecan Piece  5

Brownie Earthquake - Warm chocolate chip brownie topped with vanilla bean ice cream, caramel, fudge and vanilla whipped cream  8

Apple Streusel - Granny Smith apple cinnamon chutney topped with a brown sugar strudel and topped with vanilla and whipped cream  6