Frankies Blues Mission

At the Door: 
Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 8:00pm


“Frankie Lee” Robinson — Guitar, Vocals

Native to South Georgia, He has 20 plus years experience performing regionally with and sharing the stage with blues and gospel performers such as Detroit Junior, “Chicago” Bob Nelson, Luther “Houserocker” Johnson, Chick Willis, Saxophonist Sil Austin, Robin Brown, and many others. As a founding member of Frankie Lee and the Solid Senders, he performed many festivals such as the WRFG Labor Day Blues Bash Festival. As a member of Frankie’s Blues Mission, Frankie has participated in The Augusta Blues Festival, Chick Willis’ Mid-Georgia Blues Festival and The Atlanta Montreux Festival. As part of the Blues Mission, He held down second house band duties at Blind Willie’s in Atlanta for two years.  He was also a founding member of the blues band, Native Sons and a member of the Athens-based blues quartet, The Healers. Robinson also contributes his talents regularly to charitable efforts such as Atlanta Northside Tavern’s “Chicken Raid” festivals and other efforts to benefit organizations such as the American Cancer Society. He also performs regularly as the resident guitarist for the Providence Missionary Baptist Church Gospel Ensemble in Atlanta. Frankie, an authentic and soulful blues player, draws from many influences.  Guitarists such as Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Roy Lee Johnson, B.B. King, Magic Sam, “Pops” Staples, Charlie Christian, Freddie King, Albert King, Kenny Burrell and T-bone Walker have left their mark on his performances. He walks the walk and talks the talk.

Kermit J. “Max” Maxwell  – Bass Guitar

“Max” has been performing with Atlanta jazz, Blues, gospel and roots music bands for over 10 years. This Atlanta native anchors the Blues Mission with his powerful and authentic rhythmic style on electric and upright bass. Artists such as Ray Brown, Charles Mingus, Ron Carter and Willie Dixon have played a major influence on Maxwell.  “Max” has performed and shared the stage with local bands such as the Atlanta Mandolin Society, the Colin Ford Trio, The John Schnelling Quintet and other jazz, blues and gospel groups.    
Al Largo – Drums 
Hailing from New York City and since moved to the Atlanta area, This 25 year veteran former Marietta City Fireman currently performs blues, jazz and R&B in the region. With 20 plus years experience under his belt, Al is the steady heartbeat of the Blues Mission. Largo’s influences are many, ranging from classical to rock. He has been drumming since the tender age of 14 and also played the kettledrums.  Tony Williams, Billy Cobham, and Mickey Hart influence Al’s drumming style, among others.

Frankies Blues Mission