The Kenney Blackmon String Band

At the Door: 
Wednesday, September 26, 2012 - 8:00pm

$10 SPECIAL OFFERING! CELEBRATING  the beginning of FALL and the end of the Jewish Holy Day season  - SPECIAL OFFER - $10- INCLUDES COVER AND OUR DELICIOUS FLATBREADS, BAGELS, AND CROSTINI'S ALL NIGHT-(other menu items and drinks available as well)- Come Break the Fast, celebrate Fall, and enjoy an incredible evening of music at STEVE'S LIVE MUSIC

After a great response for the August show- The Kinney Blackmon String Band returns - to celebrate with us.

Athens-based acoustic group The Kenney Blackmon String Band updates a traditional genre with fresh rhythms. The mix of multigenerational perspectives and modern lyricism excites long-time Americana listeners and invites new audiences per the band’s infusion of hard-driving fiddle, syrupy balladry and syncopated jazz. With Jason Kenney on vocals, guitar, mandolin and banjo; Noel Blackmon on vocals, guitar and mandolin; David Blackmon on fiddle; and Chris Enghauser on double bass, KBSB provides unique arrangements of classic folk tunes, original dirt-stomping instrumentals, cry-to-sleep love anthems and even rare revivals of songs from the British Isles. Jason and Noel’s voices become instruments themselves with crisp yet whispering solos and humming harmonies. Compositions both covered and new remind us of the tension, sadness and joy of the human experience, felt by our ancestors and to touch our offspring as well – all to the backdrop of a complex but sturdy foundation supplied by David and Chris.

The Kenney Blackmon String Band soon will release their debut album, The Singing Tree, which inspires friendly partner dancing at one moment, mild head-bobbing another minute and quiet introspection at the next. This range of emotion lacing one record speaks to the depth of KBSB’s talent, range of influences and desire to touch a breadth of listeners, from hardcore folk fans to people who never appreciated bluegrass before. Like a rolling mountain river, KBSB’s songs rush, swirl, tumble and sputter, somehow via music communicating the highs and lows of life.


Jason's Song - Kenney Blackmon Stringband & Richie Jones