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Wednesday, December 26, 2012 - 8:00pm

Parker Smith and the Bandwith landed their first gig in September 2010 and fans immediately took a liking to their unique sound. Musical influences range from Taj Mahal to Talking Heads, but the band members attempt to steer clear of staying put in one genre. They stress their passion about playing ‘real music’ (no computers allowed on stage), and fans appreciate the originality and roots-oriented sound. As one fan put it, “The groovy songs get your feet thumping and the slower songs reel you in giving you a chance to feel something, more than what can be said of many local acts these days.” Storytelling lyrics and wise tales accompany timeless melodies and unique arrangements with their 6-piece instrumentation.The band released their first album "Garden Hills" in June 2011, and continues to play around the Atlanta area. They look forward to their upcoming shows as well as continuing to expand their fan base throughout the Southeast.


Mimi Naja


Best known for her mandolin work with Portland, OR folk-rock outfit, Fruition, Mimi Naja is a multi-instrumentalist drawing influences from modern folk like Gillian Welch to old-time bluegrass, and 50's soul.  Fruition categorizes it's blend as 'soul-folkin' stompgrass'.  They will be releasing their fourth album in February 2013, and Mimi's first solo album will be release by early summer 2013.







Fruition on Oregon Music Live 4/6/11 Part 1

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Homegrown and haunting, Kelly McFarling's voice spirals powerfully, and progressively over a bed of oldtimey instrumentation. She is from Atlanta, GA, where she learned to sing in church choirs and baseball stadiums, and learned to write through the stories of Flannery O' Connor and Toni Morrison.  She has since wandered out West, where she can be found in the back rooms of San Francisco bars plucking her Banjo and singing siren songs. Dubbed 'original rhythm and Bluegrass,' her songs are inspired by hard truths and transitions, with bold honest lyrics and authentic melodies that stay with you long after the song is over.  McFarling's outgoing and adventurous spirit comes through in her lyrics, her live performances, and in the music's indulgence in elements outside its clear influences of folk, oldtime, blues and country. Using her distinct percussive style of clawhammer banjo to back up her rich voice, she pays homage to her southern roots while giving them a new home in her original sound.  Her live performances are versatile and have earned her a rapidly growing and loyal fan base in the Bay Area.  She can perform in intimate house concerts, and fill rock clubs with the sound of her full band, featuring rich upright bass, perfectly placed percussion, and lush slide guitar.  Songs are to be taken whole heartedly, preferable on the shirt, outside of sleeves.  They accompany a sense of longing, nostalgia, and the urge to sit down with your oldest friend, or your newest love.  The grass is blue, the moon is shiny.  Drink up darlin' its homebrew. Presents: Kelly McFarling - "The Hustle"