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Sunday, May 5, 2013 - 6:00pm


Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Vel’s career began in 1965 as a 1st soprano with the Philadelphia All Boys Choir in conjunction with attending Settlement Music School where he had vocal and piano training as well as concert flute.  Within two years, he added the organ to his repertoire.


Velbert Lewis, known to most as simply “Vel”, reinvented himself a few years ago as “Shady Grady”.  Listening to his debut album, All Wound Up, you cannot only hear the experience of over 40 years as a professional performer, you hear the depth and warmth of live musicianship reborn.  Though his history is varied, it has served him well with roots that extend from a youth filled with traditional, classical and popular training.


Vel Lewis has performed thousands of shows around the world on tour with names like Dionne Warwick, The Delfonics, The Futures, and shared the stage with names like Earth, Wind & Fire, Isaac Hayes, The Temptations, and The Whispers, to name a few.  Vel is also a songwriter for TV shows, a producer and recording artist.  A single released on Warner Bros. Reprise label in 1974 and again on a compilation in 2005 called “Tell Me Why” remains a big dance hit in the U.K.  A song entitled “Let It Ride” from his Shady Grady “All Wound Up” CD became the #1 Most Played Single in the U.K.


Vel recently released his new single entitled “Vitamin D” – a hot, new instrumental that grabbed the Number One spot on CD Baby’s “Top Songs – Urban R&B/Funk” chart, and the Number Two spot on the “Top Songs Jazz – Smooth Jazz” chart … all within thirty (30) days since its release date. 


As Vel so eloquently put it, "Vitamin D" is meant to make you get up and move to the funky rhythms heard in the song.”


Vel brings to the stage a new music experience.  A mix of smooth jazz reinvented with the warmth, rhythms, and energy of R&B, which he calls “Groove Jazz”.


Don't try to hold back... this is what "Groove Jazz" is all about!